How do I heat it?

There are countless ways to heat your HETTA: on a stove tops, in a crock pot, at a camp fire or over a mini fireplace. And while there’s no wrong way to heat HETTA, we recommend heating only what you intend to serve, when you intend to serve it. You can heat it fast or slow, but only heat it until you see steam rising off the surface.

How do I serve it?

HETTA is meant to be savored and shared with others. Traditionally, it’s served in Winter, to welcome family and friends when they come indoors to escape the cold. The small, 2-3 oz. serving sizes ensure that hosts check in on their guests frequently to top them off and share a bit of conversation. We’ve tweaked our family recipe to be enjoyed hot or cold, year round. Because great moments with family and friends aren’t seasonal—they happen every day of the year.

How do I store it?

Part port, part brandy, you can store HETTA the way you store all spirits, in a cool, dry place. Refrigeration is not required, even after opening, and it will last until you savor the very last sip.