Nordic for mulled wine, Glögg originated in the early 1600s. Traditionally, spices were added to the poor-tasting wine of the time. As flavors improved, Glögg remained popular in Nordic countries, becoming a traditional beverage associated with Christmas and other social gatherings.

With each pot heated, the folklore surround glögg continues to grow.

The Dala Horse

The creation of the original Dala Horse is credited to Swedish woodcutters in the province of Dalarna near Mora. During long winters, these lonely men would spend evenings away from their families by passing time carving toys for their children in return for food or shelter.

Made from furniture making and other scraps of wood, the toys were often small horses, roosters or pigs. The traditional color of the Dala Horse is a bright red, but they are also found painted white, blue, or black with bright, ornamental trim.